Wood vs. Gas Fire Pizza Oven, Which is Best?

Summer is just around the corner, and there’s no better time to bring family and friends together with delicious food. If you can’t wait to make the most of your outdoor space, getting a pizza oven can give outdoor cooking a whole new meaning.

An outdoor pizza oven is an excellent way to gather loved ones together for a fun afternoon or evening of making and cooking pizzas — as well as desserts, bread, roasts, or even whole turkeys. 

If you have decided that a pizza oven is a perfect addition to your outside living spaces, this blog will help you choose the oven that best fits your needs.

Gas pizza Ovens vs. Wood Pizza Ovens

We narrowed down the pros and cons of these two types of outdoor pizza ovens for homes,

and will help you choose the one that’s better for you and your family.

Wood-fired ovens

As their name indicates, traditional wood-fired brick ovens use firewood as their fuel source and add coziness and warmth to any outdoor space. 


  • Cooking with wood gives food that char-grilled taste impossible to recreate in standard ovens. The flavor and smell change according to the wood you use. Good options include beech, oak, olive, and juniper, depending on what you’re cooking.
  • Besides being functional, a wood oven can bring a cozy ambiance to your patio, backyard, or deck. Nothing beats that taming fire’s unique smell, color, and sound. 
  • Wood-fired ovens can reach temperatures as high as 800° F
  • Top-quality wood-fired ovens are a worthy investment for the long run, especially if you provide them with regular cleaning and maintenance
  • If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, wood-burning ovens are a low-carbon alternative to appliances using fossil fuels.
  • Having an outdoor wood-burning oven adds value to your home and makes it a cozy place to gather friends and family over delicious food. 


  • This oven uses more space, not only for itself but for wood storage
  • It is more expensive than other oven types
  • It takes some time to reach the desired temperature.
  • It’ll take you longer to prep the oven

Gas-fired ovens

Gas fire ovens are a convenient option if you’re looking to add a practical oven in a small outdoor space.


  • Attain high temperatures quickly 
  • Easy to install and use, as they may be connected to the network or a gas cylinder
  • They are cheaper than wood-fired options
  • Gas pizza ovens also take up less space than wood-fired counterparts.


  • They can replicate their wood counterpart’s smoky taste, flavor, and texture
  • Not an eco-friendly option
  • It doesn’t add to your outdoor living spaces

Why Buy a Wood-fired Pizza Oven?

If you enjoy entertaining, having a pizza oven can take your cooking skills to the next level and help you feed a crowd in minutes. Both popular options offer practical and recreational benefits. But when it comes to preparing a delicious authentic pizza, the wood-burning oven’s charm and smoky flavor are hard to beat.

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