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What is Isokern?

Isokern is a brand of fireplace and chimney systems originating from Denmark, made of pure Icelandic pumice.

Isokern pumice is sourced directly from the Mt. Hekla Volcano and manufactured into components. Danish engineers created this chimney and fireplace component system as a means of better engineering an overlooked aspect to the home. This same technology was then introduced to North America in 1987 as the Isokern modular component fireplace.

All of our outdoor kitchen systems are comprised of the same pumice material that we have tested and perfected for the past 30 years.

Pumice has very little expansion and contraction with temperature change, reducing the possibility of cracking and structural damage. Pumice is also a natural insulator, able to sustain any temperature.

What does this mean? Our outdoor kitchens are built to last, just like our outdoor fireplaces. You can grill, cook, prep, and party all without stressing over the longevity of your outdoor space. Want proof? Check out how we put our pumice to the test!

If it can't take the heat, you shouldn't build your kitchen with it...

Watch one of our engineers put our pumice panels to the ultimate heat test to show you how our kitchens will outlast almost anything you throw at it.

As a company, we have donated materials, funds, and products to various organizations, including Purple Heart Homes.

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