The Timberland Pavilion

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Product Description

The Artisan Pavilion with its metal roof option provides protection from the elements and a large shade island. The gentle slope of the roof-line is angled at a 4/12 pitch with an overall height of 10’-12’ at the peak depending on the size of the pavilion. Constructed of Western Red Cedar made to withstand the outdoor elements.

An ultimate room-like feel with a volume ceiling creates a wonderful atmosphere for enjoying conversations and meals under the canopy. Combine this pavilion with a fireplace and conversation seating group at one end while keeping your dining table and cooking island under cover.


  • Painted metal roof with a 6/12 pitch​
  • Available in  10′ x 12′ or 14′ x 16′ 
  • Provides structure & shade
  • Constructed with 100% Western Red Cedar which is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect damage.
  • Sustainably sourced from the US & Canada.
  • Metal Roof (Colors: ​Black | Brick Red | Brown | Charcoal | Sahara Tan)

Available Upgrades

  • Tongue & Groove Decking

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